“Its been a good start to the year”

“Its been a good start to the year”

“Its been a good start to the year”

I have stepped up my Friday physio regime to include regular time on my FES (functional electrical stimulation) bike during the week. The FES is a technique that uses pulses of electrical current to stimulate peripheral nerves, generating muscle contractions and pattered muscle activity to my quads, hamstrings and bum. The stimulation makes the muscles work even though I can’t move them, you can see the muscle contract, great for muscle gain, circulation, balance and many other problems.

You can watch how it works here FES Workout

I have given two motivational talks already this year. I was invited for the second time to speak at a conference held by award winning Wealth Management group St James’s Place. It was an early start to get to the St James’s Place office in Ipswich as it’s about a 100 journey from my home, early starts can sometimes be a bit tricky for me. The audience were brilliant, I think it’s fair to say most were quite shell shocked by my talk, we were extremely well looked after and I would love to give more motivational talks to companies similar to St James’s Place.

Following my talk last year to St. James’s Place Newbury office, partners and employees kindly donated £2,500 to the charity golf day I run each year in aid of UK Stem Cell Research which is a charity very close to my heart.

The second talk this month was to years 7 & 8 at a London prep school. I was so impressed by these boys, they truly were a unique group of 11-13 year olds, they just got it!

I always offer a Q&A at the end of my talks, I don’t think I will ever hold one quite so spectacular, to my astonishment and absolute delight the inspiring David Beckham joined me on the stage. The boys were fantastic firing questions to us both. David talked about his commitment to football while growing up. David is a superstar! And I am delighted to say he is also genuinely a great guy.


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