A very interesting month

A very interesting month

I was honored to be invited to give my talk, sharing my story and experiences, to the England 7’s squad as part of their RPA Personal Development Programme*. Especially as this is a revolutionary year for The World Sevens Series, in its debut at the Olympic Games in Rio later this year.

It really was another great afternoon, the squad and staff were genuinely very nice guys, throwing some great questions to me at the end. The Seven’s squad have their own key messages around accepting and understanding, which relate to my messages in my story.

It’s been a busy month painting. I decided to set myself some new challenges. First was to paint a horse. I wanted to try an catch the elegance and power of the animal. It is possibly my favourite painting and definitely the most popular so far. After that was the challenge of painting just a portrait, something I had never tried before. I chose the stunning and iconic Marilyn Monroe. I just hope I did her beauty justice.

I was also commissioned to paint the football legend Sir Bobby Moore, I am really pleased with the finished piece and I am hoping to have prints of all of my work for sale on the website at the end of March.

Marilyn Video

Physio is still grueling, but going from strength to strength. The photo in the video link is me in hospital 6 years and a half years ago unable to breathe or eat for myself.

Weights video

I can only physically use tiny muscles in my back. This is 55kg. I’ve always loved pushing myself physically, and still do, but just a different type of challenge. I work as hard as I’ve always done just to try and beat more goals. Progress is only minimal, but progress nonetheless. I appeal to everyone to look for signs of progress in whatever you do, however small.

I celebrated my 24th birthday too! Finally in my mid-twenties, old age kicking in! I had a great weekend getting out with family and friends!

Let’s see what March brings.

*The RPA Personal Development Programme is designed to individually support, guide and assist its members in their personal and professional development, providing them with the opportunity to fulfill their potential and successfully make the transition to a new career following retirement from the game.

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