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Month: January 2016

The “must-read” book comprises Fraser’s views on “what really matters in life”

‘Orion Non Fiction is publishing an “inspirational” book by a quadriplegic motivational speaker and “mouth artist”, Henry Fraser.

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Hand to Mouth exhibition

Hand to Mouth exhibition The Grove Hotel

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Honoured to receive the Blyth Spirit award 2016

‘Inspirational Henry Fraser to receive RPA honour’ Blyth Spririt Award 2016

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My first public exhibition

I am very happy to announce that I will be holding my first public exhibition!
‘Hand to Mouth’.

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A very interesting month

A very interesting month. I was honored to be invited to give my talk, sharing my story and experiences, to the England 7’s squad as part of their RPA Personal Development Programme*.

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“Its been a good start to the year”

“Its been a good start to the year” I have stepped up my Friday physio regime to include regular time on my FES (functional electrical stimulation) bike during the week. The FES is a technique that uses pulses of electrical current to stimulate peripheral nerves, generating muscle contractions and pattered muscle activity to my quads, hamstrings and bum. The stimulation makes the muscles work even though I can’t move them, you can see the muscle contract, great for muscle gain, circulation, balance and many other problems.

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This year has been one the best years of my life.

This year has been one the best years of my life. 2015 marked six years since my accident that means me unable to move anything from the top of my shoulders down. During my six months in hospital in 2009 I gave up a lot of things, including my love of art.

At the beginning of this year I rediscovered my love and joy of art. I’ve always loved drawing and painting but I let that love to create drift away after my accident.

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What an achievement! My first ever exhibition.

Earlier in the year I was asked by Fiona Angel and Sue Mulholland if I’d like to hold an exhibition at Dulwich, for them to think my work is exhibition worthy means so much!

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Preview of My Art – Full collection coming soon

A preview of My Art – we are working on My Art section of the website a full portfolio will be coming soon, please be patient. If you would like any information please contact me at henry.fraser@mac.com
Copy right – All rights reserved and remain the property of Henry Fraser

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Finally I have updated my blog!

Finally I have updated my blog! The last few months have been a bit of a new experience for me, through my art I have tasted the world of mass media.

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